March 4th Volunteer Meeting

Thank you to all who came today for the volunteer meeting! We appreciate all of your support and willingness to help! We will be in contact soon via email to discuss the events. 

Please contact Kristin at (520)269-3703 or
Lisa at (314)952-8838 if needed. 

Thanks again!!!




Meeting to Launch #rallyforreillyfitz

We're officially launching Reilly's COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) campaign. The first official event will be a Bowling Night at West County Lanes on March 31st. We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate the event as well as donations for a silent auction. If you are interested in helping with the event, please join us for a meeting on Saturday, March 4th at 10am at Fitzmaurice Performance (15623 Manchester Rd Ellisville, MO 63011).

Reilly Update February 24, 2017-News from the Liver Transplant Team

Reilly update: We received news from the Liver Transplant Team today-after reviewing the images from the procedure yesterday, Reilly will need to have another endoscope and banding in 4 weeks (instead of 6-8 weeks).

Reilly's Endoscope on February 23 2017 at Children's Hospital

At St. Louis Children's Hospital-Reilly just had an endoscope procedure to treat the varices (enlarged blood vessels) in her esophagus, from the portal hypertension from her liver. During the procedure they placed rubber bands around the blood vessels to prevent potential dangerous rupture and bleeding. They found she has varices in her stomach and lower gastrointestinal tract but they said they are less of a risk of bleeding. The doctor told us Reilly will have to have another procedure in 6-8 weeks to treat new varices that develop. The doctor told Reilly she will be on a soft food diet for the next week.

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